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How To Improve Your Golf

First, you begin by asking yourself, "How strong is my desire to improve?" The strength of desire necessary to improve is in direct proportion to the degree of success you wish to attain. If you desire to be the best golfer in the world, you need to have the strongest desire. On the other hand, if you only want to be average, you only need an average desire. So start by deciding if you really desire to improve your golf and are willing to put forth the effort to get better.

If you increase your desire to improve and back it up with a plan of action, you will become a better golfer. With that in mind, there are four fundamental areas that you can work on to improve your golf. These are your mechanical skills, strategy, physical and mental conditioning. If you improve any of these areas, your golf will improve. Hopefully, you will work on improving all four areas.

Most golfers only focus on improving their mechanics and fail to take into account the other three areas. One strategy that will immediately pay great dividends is to play within your mechanical limitations. If your mechanics are not that great, do not be a hero and try to make unrealistic shots unless you are willing to live with a higher score than you could have had by playing a more conservative game.

Swimmers, runners, boxers or any athlete who has to push himself to higher levels of physical exertion are usually in great shape. However, when it comes to golf, most individuals are out of shape -- how about you? For your body and mind to function at its best, it is important to exercise to make up for the lack of physical activity resulting from today's modern conveniences. If you get in better physical condition, you will increase your strength, endurance, energy, self-confidence and lower your handicap as well as your weight.

Individuals put up with the frustrations of the game because they enjoy playing golf. A fast and easy way to improve your golf is to learn to control your emotions because they affect your brain's chemistry and performance. Most recreational golfers are limited by the time they have to practice their mechanical skills. However, you can work on controlling your emotions all the time. You can do it at work, while you are commuting, showering, relaxing at home and before going to sleep. If you train yourself to reduce or eliminate your fears and anger in your daily activities, it will be that much easier to remain calm and relaxed when you play a round of golf and Old Man Golf tries his best to throw your game off.

In summary, I can not stress enough that there is a huge difference between a mere wish and a strong desire backed by action to improve. Your success will be greatly influenced by your honest answer to this question. "Do you really desire to improve your golf or is it just a wish?" Let me know if you ever find a short cut to these friendly words of wisdom which hold true for everything you do in life. First you work, then you get paid.

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